Monday, 4 June 2012

Ponteland Diamond Jubilee Exhibition: Ponteland in Print

Ponteland has been commemorating the Diamond Jubilee weekend with an exhibition in the Memorial Hall where several local organisations are represented. These include the Ponteland Local History Society, whose panels include a section on Ponteland in Print. There's a reproduction of the front page and first editorial from the Ponteland Observer, as well as the enigmatic but apparently short-lived Ponteland Gazette of 1946, and a couple of Ponteland High School newspapers from my era, as well as several other publications including Ponteland Local History Society's own Pont Island News. The oldest newspaper on display, though, was Welle 69, typed in German as it was published by the German prisoners of war at Darras Hall POW camp. This later became a civil defence training establishment and was only closed and demolished in 1961; the display commemorating it commemorated some of the prisoners and later displaced persons who resided there in the 1940s.

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