Saturday, 1 May 2010

Saturday morning vote-seeking

This morning I woke up to find PoliticsHome and BBC News reporting that David Cameron was in Woodstock. By the time I had reached the town centre the Conservative leader had disappeared, though television equipment and police were still in evidence. Some other parliamentary candidates were there, including a banner-bearing Stuart Macdonald, and a cheery Dawn Barnes, whom I have now informed of the existence of this blog.


  1. Hmm ... we had Nick Clegg in Street this morning, addressing the gathered multitude in Clarks' Village shopping centre. Mass media scrum, which is a real sign of how much has changed in the last three weeks. Excellent turn-out in favour of the local LibDem candidate, too. Several Tory supporters appeared with signs to try and muscle in on the photoshoot, which also indicates how worried Heathcoat Amory's local campaign team must be. Violet Bonham Carter must be cheering from her grave in nearby Mells.

  2. I've just seen the Tories use similar tactics on coverage of Gordon Brown's appearance in Tynemouth to support the Labour candidate there and elsewhere on Tyneside. I suspect the Tories might fear that a predicted win in Tynemouth is slipping from their grasp, with their overall share remaining low.